Donation Policy

  1. Donation is not mandatory. Donating does not give you any special treatment nor any privileges as a normal player. You however, will be given with Proof of Donations Tickets. These donations will help us stabilize our server and for the server's needs to maintain our server we thank you in advance.
  2. Equipment, items, and headgears in the Donation Manager NPC will all be purchased using Proof of Donations Tickets.
  3. Donators purchasing items shall provide legit personal information to assure a smooth transaction. Unless otherwise, a termination/breach of any transaction.
  4. If you however, failed to follow our server Rules and Regulations, donators have no privilege at all cost and shall be punished.
  5. Lending is not an option. Full payment must be given before receiving the Proof of Donations Tickets.
  6. Furthermore, there will be NO REFUNDs at all cost, so please make sure to think about it before donating. 
  7. If you somehow lost all your purchased items, we have no obligation of returning them as your items are your own responsibility.
  8. Lastly, keep in mind that we have the right to refuse your service depending on the circumstances. So please we encourage everyone to please keep a respect for us and as we do so as well.

Minimum Donation:
  • 250PHP (Philippine Peso)
Conversion rate:
  • 1 PHP = 1 POD (Proof of Donation)



Mode of Payment




For Paypal

Click the image to donate NOW!



For GCash Information and Bank Transfer Method

***pm me in discord [GM]KraD (mikko25#8626). Join our Discord click the image below

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Once the transaction is done, please send an e-mail to with the following information:
And pm me in discord [GM] KraD (mikko25#8626) to be notified.


>Subject: Donation Method Date (Ex. Paypal $50 03/12/2021)
>Reference Number:
>Character Name:
>Account Username:
>Sender's Complete Name:
>Sender's Complete Address:
>Donation Coupon Purchased:
>Amount Sent:
>Attach or send the receipt photo.

Thank you!


Date Modified : 03-17-21